• Periodical


(“Our Language”)

A scientific periodical for the research of Hebrew and cognate languages. The first fascicle was published in 1928 by the Committee for the Hebrew Language (Va’ad HaLashon) and to date more than seventy volumes have appeared.

Past editors: Avraham Tzarfati, Naftali Hertz Tur-Sinai, Ze’ev Ben-Ḥayyim, Eduard Yechezkel Kutcher, Shraga Abramson, Joshua Blau

Past editorial secretaries: Meir Medan, Esther Goldenberg, Chaim E. Cohen

Current editor: Moshe Bar-Asher

Current editorial secretary: Yosef Ofer


Ha’Ivrit (Leshonenu La’Am)

(“Hebrew”/ Our Language for the People”)

This periodical is geared towards the educated general public who is interested in the Hebrew language. It was first published in 1945 and only recently (2010) changed its name to Ha’Ivrit. Faithful to its new moniker, the publication continues to be a platform for issues relating to Hebrew in all its forms, styles and periods. The Academy’s decisions regarding punctuation, spelling, and grammar are published here in special editions.

Past editors: Yitzhak Peretz, Eli Etan and Meir Medan, Shoshana Bahat, Yosef Ofer, David Talshir, Chaim E. Cohen

Current editor: Moshe Florentin


Akadem: The newsletter of the Academy of the Hebrew Language

Beginning in 1994, the newsletter has published reports of the Academy’s activities as well as short essays by its members and workers.

Past editors: Einat Gonen, Tali Ben-Yehuda, Emmanuel Mastey

Current editor: Ya’acov Etsyon


Lammed Leshonkha

(“Teach Your Language”)

Leaflets containing newly created words by the Academy. The first 180 or so leaflets have been published as a book, Leshonenu La’Am: Alonim uMaftehot (“Our Language for the People: Leaflets and Indices). The second series of some eighty pamphlets have been published in the newsletter Akadem.

Past editors: Aharon Dotan, Shoshana Bahat

Current editor: Rachel Selig

Zikhronot Ha’Akademya LaLashon Ha’Ivrit

(“Proceedings of the Academy of the Hebrew Language”)

The minutes from the Academy’s general assemblies. One finds in these volumes discussions and reports on the activities of committees and the different branches of the Academy along with official decisions.

  • Books


Mekorot uMehkarim 

(“Texts and Studies” Series)

The series contains approximately twenty monographs by noted Hebrew scholars, including Ze’ev Ben-Ḥayyim’s five-volume Ivrit Va’Aramit Nosaḥ Shomron (“The Literary and Oral Tradition of Hebrew and Aramaic amongst the Samaritans”) and Israel Yeivin’s Masoret HaLashon Ha’Ivrit HaMishtakefet BaNikud HaBavli (“The Hebrew Language Tradition as Reflected in the Babylonian Vocalization”).

Asuppot uMevo’ot BeLashon

(“Studies in Language” Series)

The first volume of this series was printed in 1997 and since then another eight volumes have been published, including the celebratory volume Safa Kama (“A Language Has Arisen)”, which includes selections from Leshonenu La’Am that were published in the Ha’aretz daily newspaper between 1932 and 1948.

Professional Dictionaries

The Academy has published some ninety professional dictionaries and lists of terms, which join the more than one hundred dictionaries and lists published by the Committee for the Hebrew Language (Va’ad HaLashon).

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