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For more than six decades, the Academy of the Hebrew Language has served as the home for the Hebrew language, supervising the development of the language and providing professional terminology in Hebrew, making it the national institution for the study of the Hebrew language.

 To meet the challenges of the digital age, the Academy, with the help of friends in Israel and around the world, is working to expand and deepen its public activity by providing Hebrew language resources and sophisticated tools to a wide and diverse audience in Israel and abroad—students, teachers, researchers and anyone interested in Hebrew and Hebrew culture.

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The Academy of the Hebrew Language Center in Jerusalem

Construction will begin in the coming years on a new campus for The Academy of the Hebrew Language Center. The Center will be the home and symbol of the Hebrew language, and of the Hebrew and Israeli culture that emanates from.

The Historical Dictionary Project and the “Ma’agarim” Site

The Hebrew Language Historical Dictionary Project is a national endeavor. Its purpose is to compose a scientific historical dictionary that will be the most authoritative dictionary of all time for the Hebrew language, and a treasury of Hebrew words and texts.

The Academy’s Terminology Website

The Academy’s terminology website is the showcase of the Hebrew Terminology Project. The website, which went live in 2001, comprises 300 lists and dictionaries in approximately 100 professions and fields encompassing about 130,000 terms set by the Language Committee and the Academy of Language since 1912. It serves professionals in all areas of life (including translators, editors, and authors of training and operation manuals) as well as the public.

The Online Hebrew Language Information Center

The Academy has set a goal to digitize the information it collects, thereby making it accessible to researchers and the public. Thus far, the public’s response to our endeavor has been high. Through a unified search capability, the Online Hebrew Language Information Center will coordinate results from all types of information available to the Academy. To achieve this, all the Academy’s databases will be connected to two indexing “backbones”: words and topics in the field of language.

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